Forex Review – Trading Revealed

With an estimated daily sales of nearly 2 trillion dollars, a total which actually dwarfs all of the world's stock markets, Forex has turned into the largest financial trade market in the world.
What is Forex market trading? Well, a simple Forex review will show that it is an electronic market, with transactions taking place via the internet or telephone, which takes care of currency trade with no fixed exchange. Once the purview of large financial institutions, more and more individuals are now taking advantage of Forex tips and trading in this over-the-counter market.
Using the currency pairing of EUR/USD (Euro's over US dollars) as an example, it is necessary to understand that these currencies are always dealt with in tandem. The Euro's in this example is known at the base currency, whilst the US dollars are the counter currency.
So what does this mean in terms for the Forex market trade? Well, taking a look at the pairing, it is the amount of counter currency which is required to purchase one unit of the base currency. So, again in this example if you were to acquire this pair, the deal would be broken down as you acquiring the Euro's whilst concurrently selling the US Dollars. On the other hand, were you to sell this pair, you would be selling the Euro's and purchasing the US Dollars.
A simple forex tip is to think of the pair of currencies, whichever are being used, as one single unit and not as separate items. So, if the market suggests that the Euro will strengthen against the US Dollar, you acquire the EUR/USD pair. If, by reading Forex signals, it looks as if the opposite will happen and the Euro will weaken, then you would sell that very same pair.
Studying the trade in hard numbers, which can be done via Forex trading software, you will see two numbers. For example, keeping with the Euro's over US Dollars Forex demo, you may see 1.3461/1.3466. The first number will be the cost of the bid, the cost at which traders on the Forex market will be prepared to purchase Euro's against the US Dollar. The second number would be the offer price, indicating that for those who are fixed to sell the Euro against the US Dollar, that is the price they would receive.
The difference between the two prices, the bid and the offer is known as the spread. A new trader studying a Forex review will learn that the spread between two currencies is typically ranging between 3 to 5 pips. What are pips? Pips are a Forex coined-term relating to the most typical increment in currencies. For example, if the Euro's above increased from 1.3461 to 1.3462 then that adjustment on the last decimal place of the number (with four decimal points being quoted on most currencies), would be acknowledged as a single pip.
A forex review of traditional trading techniques, establishes that deals are done via lots, which can also be specified as being contracts. A relatively recent new introduction to the Forex market trading has been the mini lot, which has a limit of $10,000, and has become a popular alternative to the standard sized lot which is $100,000.
For the new trader, $300 would open a mini account with most Forex brokers, who typically offer 1% margins. So when trading a mini lot, you would need a margin of $100, which is then the controlling factor of the $10,000 mini lot. What does that mean in terms of making profit? Well, if you traded your $10,000 mini lot and the currency gained 1% then your return would be $100. In other words, you would match 100% of your original margin.
The options for day trading on the Forex market can prove to be very profitable. With the common need of controlling a standard sized lot requiring at least $2,500 to open the account, a Forex tip for a newcomer would be to trade with just the mini account for a length of time. Once trading of your first mini lot has accrued $100 profit for instance, then you can turn to moving ahead and trading with two, gaining valuable Forex tips and experience to start trading with standard lots.

The Key To Success In Online Forex Trading

In our highly connected world today, trading the foreign exchange (forex) market over the internet is one of the coolest ways in the world that I know of to make a living.

Anybody who tells you that forex trading is a quick and easy path to riches either A: is a total moron and is trying to make a quick buck selling erroneous information, or B: has a vested interest in seeing you fail as a trader.

However, anybody who tells you that it is impossible to make alot of money through forex trading is also sorely mistaken. Yes, it is possible to make a large, almost obsenely large, amount of money through trading the forex market using only a laptop, but it is not easy to get to a point where you can consistently place profitable trades.

I could go on and on about how sucessful forex trading takes time, education, emotional control, and experience, but there is one single thing that I have found is much more important than all of these things if you want to have a successful forex career. And that one thing is...

.......... (Wait for it) ..........

Your MINDSET, and how you perceive trading the forex market.

This is the hardest part for most people to truly understand and use with their own trading, but if you can fully harness and implement the following information into your forex trading, you will experience unprecedented success and you will become one of those people who can travel anywhere in the world and answer to nobody.

(Just as a sidenote, if you do get to this point, I recommend checking out something called an 'economic citizenship program,' where you can become a citizen of a place like Panama by investing in certain organizations. You can get a new passport so that you can go anywhere in the world, anytime you want, and no longer answer to a draconian government that seeks hegemonic control over its citizens.)

The problem is... most people who have had difficulty with their forex trading view the market and their trading platform only as a way to make money, and they become emotionally attached to the money in their trading account and subsequently, each trade that they make with this money.

The key to success in online forex trading is to view your trading platform as a GAME that you play, where the objective is to collect or capture pips. The more pips you gather, the better you are at this forex game.

Now this is easy to say, but it can be different when you are really at your computer making those trades. The one thing I must empahsize is that when you adopt this new mentality and you view forex as only a 'pip collecting game,' the biggest change that you make is that you are now completely emotionally detached from your trading. For this reason, you can view your winning or losing trades from an objective, outside perspective, and it will be easier for you to devise a winning strategy since you are no longer blinded by emotion.

---Exercises For Developing The Proper Forex Mindset---

There are two things that I recommend doing if you want to slowly change your perception to where forex trading is nothing more than a game where you win by getting pips (and few games in the world can be as profitable as this one).

First, I will introduce to you something that I call 'risk capital.' In short, risk capital is money that you would like to grow, but if you lost it then it would not have a big impact on your financial situation. You want to make sure that the only money that you ever put into a live trading account is risk capital, which is just extra disposable income that you do not need to pay the bills.

Second, you want to make extensive use of trading demo accounts. If you already have a broker or a trading platform that you prefer and are comfortable with, the best thing to do is to open at least one demo account with this same broker.

As you should see, trading your demo account will look and feel EXACTLY the same way as your live account will. The only difference it is not big deal if you lose money in your demo account, since it isn't real. What you want to do is get to the same point after trading your demo account that you feel the same way about your live trading account, where it is no big deal if you lose money.

Spend enough time trading your demo account on the same platform that you trade your live account on, and your subconscious mind and a part of your brain called the visual cortex will begin to associate seeing this forex trading platform with 'Oh, a demo account. No big deal, its just fake money after all.'

This is where you want to get, and it will become nothing more than a game for you. It just so happens, though, that this game will fund your next month long trip to Monaco, and will elevate you to the status of a High-Net Worth Individual (net worth exceeding $30 million USD) and beyond. I suppose it is ironic that the less you care about how much money you are making, the more you are actually positioned to make.


Take Advantage Of The Best Forex Trading Hours

The Forex Market is open 24 hours a day and initially this is exciting to new traders who enjoy the freedom of being able to trade at any hour. However, success in this market depends significantly on when you decide to trade. Picking the right hours to do business will greatly increase your earnings. Understanding when the best trading hours are will help you get the most out of your time.

The best Forex trading hours to take advantage of this market is when there is a lot of activity. Trading during the hours when the market is most active will allow you to take advantage of the active currency moving ensuring higher profits. If you find yourself logged on when the market is slow and calm, it is best to just come back later and not waste your time.

The Forex Market trading hours are as follows: New York opens at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST (EDT), Tokyo opens at 7:00 pm to 4:00 am EST (EDT), Sydney opens at 5:00 pm to 2:00 am EST (EDT), and London opens at 3:00 am to 12:00 noon EST (EDT). There are specific times when these sessions overlap such as New York and London-8:00am-12:00 noon EST, Sydney / Tokyo-7:00pm -2:00am EST, and London / Tokyo-3:00 am-4:00am EST. During these overlapping hours traders will experience a higher volume of activity and the best chances to succeed in the foreign currency exchange market.

There is software available to make it easier to monitor the trading sessions from anywhere in the world. Traders can download programs that can be aligned to Eastern Standard Time and also programs aligned with most North American and European county time zones as well. These programs allow traders to follow market sessions with ease.

There is some good advice for new traders to take advantage of. First, it is always best to do thorough analysis and to study the market before doing any trades. By doing these things first you are taking gamble out trading and ensuring a greater chance of success. It is also advisable to spend at least 2 months practicing the demo before investing any real money into this market. 90 percent of beginners fail because they lack the experience, knowledge, and discipline. Taking advantage of the demo programs available will help you hone these necessary skills. Another good piece of advice is to never risk more than 2 to 3 percent of your total trading account. It is best to keep your emotions down and trade in a calm state of mind. Remember that the difference between successful and unsuccessful traders is the ability to weather through down markets. Doing some basic research and taking the time to hone your skills will ensure a greater chance of success trading on the Forex Market.

Day Trade Forex Live

Do you want to learn how to day trade the forex market? Well, this is a skill that you will need to learn from a professional trader and market analyst who has years of experience profitably day trading the forex market. A great website that teaches you how to day trade forex live will offer its services during the most lucrative trading sessions which occur during the London market hours and the New York market hours. Major economic news releases can greatly influence daily fluctuations in the forex market. A quality forex day trading website will offer up to the minute information on current economic news releases including the actual numbers as they are released and any trade setups that occur as a result.

A proper website dedicated to teaching you how to profitably day trade forex live will include a community of close knit forex day traders that can bounce ideas and trading setups off of one another, this is in addition to the learning from a head trader(s) who should have years of experience day trading the forex market. Day trading forex can be a very stimulating and rewarding experience; it can also be a lonely experience if you do not utilize the services of a professional forex day trading site where a community of members, led by a professional forex day trader, all work together helping each other to achieve one common goal.

The senior or ?head? trader at the best instructional website that teaches you how to day trade forex live, will have years of profitable day trading experience under his or her belt. You should expect to learn the exact trading methods of the senior trader as well as all the strategies he or she implements on an intra-day basis in the forex market. These strategies include tools that are necessary to become a successful forex day trader on your own. Learning from the senior or head trader on a high quality educational site teaching you to day trade forex live, should take place in the context of a ?live trading room? where trade setups are called live before they unfold. Many websites give you after the fact trade setups that won?t really help you much in the real-time, fast moving world of forex day trading live.

The main goal of any legitimate website designed to teach you how to become a forex day trader should ultimately be to teach you how to successfully trade on your own. Instead of just hand feeding you trading signals every day, a quality website designed for learning to day trade forex live, will teach you how to implement quality forex trading signals on your own and hence teach you a useful and relevant skill that you can use in any financial market. Any scammer website can just give you day trading signals every day, but a genuine and honest website designed to teach people how to day trade forex live will put on-going education at the forefront of their services so that you can eventually remove the crutch and day trade forex live on your own.

Tools And Resources From Forex Affiliate Market

Forex affiliate market comprises enormous scope for the investors to build huge income through this market. Being a forex affiliate, they not only become able to share the profits from the affiliate program business, but can also earn some additional rewards in the form of commissions that hardly becomes possible through dealing in any other financial markets of the world.

The online affiliate marketing programs are supported with the latest revolutionized resources and tools for becoming a successful marketer in the world of forex affiliate market for raising the potential of their income. These marketing resources and tools are offered in the variety of languages including English, Japanese, Arabic, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish, Dutch and German.

The marketing materials involved in the forex affiliate marketing comprises of the banners that are unique in nature and are build in flash and animated. The landing pages include the offers provided at the affiliate website along with having the advantage of doing business with the online forex affiliate program marketers. Widgets include forex charts and rates that change in a constant manner for providing the correct information. Videos include the tours and tutorials that can be embedded to the website of their affiliates.

As a forex affiliate marketer, you become able to create an end number of the series of ID numbers for embedding in their banner ad, website and landing pages. This helps them to keep track of entire traffic and referrals. In this way, the affiliates can help you in minimizing their promotional efforts.

Online forex affiliate market brings about enormous chances to the affiliates to earn massive commission deals in the form of Revenue Share and Cost Per Acquisition. Online Forex affiliate programs create a visual platform for the clients to help in indulging in the easy and amazing experience of trading in foreign exchange along with relinquishing the model of complicated graphs and tables.

These affiliate trading programs are attractive for all types of individuals including professional affiliates and traders who are wishing to market their program for acquiring a base commission. The company that includes the gut instincts is what that can make the individuals to access to this income potential other than the experts and trend professionals.

Through online forex affiliate programs, the beginning affiliates and traders get a place to trade and market just like the experienced players of the market along with getting necessary resources for their success in the forex affiliate marketing program.

Finding The Best Forex Traders

The forex trading market has become the biggest financial market in the world today and online currency trading is now one of the fastest growing investments. There are many ways to find information on forex trading and online currency trading but finding the best forex traders can be difficult if you don?t know where to look.

With the growing popularity of forex trading and the information publicly available on the internet finding the best forex traders is no longer as difficult as it may have been. The currency analytical reports are now available to the public online and you can even access live data if you know where to look. Finding the best forex traders has become even easier and more and more people are beginning to reap these profits.

What Are the Best Forex Traders

Forex traders are the currencies that are traded by investors and the best forex traders are the currencies that are making the most profit for their investors. Currencies fluctuate constantly and keeping up to date with the state of these currencies used to be extremely difficult for small time investors.

The forex traders that are most popular and the ones that should be monitored closely are the ?majors?. These are the EUR/USD combination, the USD/JPY, the USD/CHF, and the GBP/USD. These combinations change constantly and knowing where these forex traders stand will allow you to make the profits you choose from your forex trading.

Forex trading guides and forex training education programs are available for anyone looking to earn money from this extremely lucrative system and most of these programs are designed with beginners in mind explaining all the technical language in simple easy to follow terms.

Forex trading could help you change your future; why not invest in it now?

Accepting Losses With Grace

The lack of a proper trading plan which includes precise rules for entering and exiting a trade will most certainly guarantee failure over the long term. Beginners usually suffer from the same common ailments. They abandon trading plans purely on impulse because things are not going exactly as how they had envisioned. Repeatedly they use unreliable methods that fail to produce a profit. Many traders hold on to losing positions telling themselves ?it is going to turn? when every indicator says otherwise because they cannot bear the thought of a loss.

Why do they torture themselves? Why don?t they just identify what?s going wrong and make a change? For some people recognizing that a trade or even a trading method is not working and making a change is easy, but for others it?s very difficult. They have to look at their limitations admit that they have made a mistake and that?s hard because it hurts our ego. Psychologically it?s risky, it?s often easier to fool ourselves. Just keep going, living in a state of denial until your account is depleted. If you recognize any of these traits in yourself you must stop trading immediately.

Take a good look at what has been happening, try and identify the problem. If you look close enough you may see a pattern. This is why it is vital to record every trade and as much information about it as possible. You have to break out of old patterns and see things in a new light.

You will never be a successful trader if you continue to live in a state of denial. What can be done to return to reality? There is a lot you can do. First of all make sure you are not trading under stress. When stressed out you can?t see clearly, you become rigid and unable to see alternative views. One of the easiest solutions is to trade smaller. The smaller the trade the less the stress, especially for the beginner. If you are experienced and in a loosing streak reduce your contracts until you get your confidence returns. Some people need to take a break altogether. Get away from it all. Take your mind off the trading.

The second thing you can do is to make sure you have a life. Trading can be addictive especially when you are winning. Do not put all your emotional eggs in the trading basket. You need to have other roles that give your life meaning and purpose. By defining your identity in a variety of ways, you will not place un-natural importance on trading events. Therefore, you will be able to take losses in stride and look at your trading more objectively.

Finally, radical acceptance is a key mental strategy for coping with market uncertainty. Many traders make the mistake of thinking they can control the markets. Nobody can control the markets. We must learn to accept anything that comes our way and to trade accordingly. Adopt the attitude that trading is a journey and that all we can do is go where the markets take us.

To succeed on this journey you cannot afford to lose too much. Manage risk and just accept what you get and enjoy the ride. This way you will trade more freely and creatively. Don?t live your life in denial. Accept your limitations, work around them, and become a winning trader. Write out your trading plan with precise entry and exit points. Most important set your stops and mentally decide you will not break them. Test your system on paper and when confident test in real time with the minimum contract size. You will have losing trades, accept them with grace and go on to the next trade.

Work Is Hard And Tiring? Robot Will Work For You!

Do you have an email list?

If so, how big is it and is it growing fast enough for you and making you money? And if not?

You may not have a list yet. You may well be new to the internet marketing scene. You may have jumped on board because you can see the phenomenal potential of having your own internet business.

But even if you?re totally new I bet you?ve heard the phrase ?The money is in the list.? If not, expect to get sick of hearing it. It?s probably the most over used phrase kicking around the internet marketing world.

And for good reason too. For the simple fact, the money IS in the list. If you ask any of the top internet ?Gurus?, ?What?s the most important part of your online business?? they will consistently answer, ?My list.?

They will tell you ?Take away all the money I?ve made, but leave me my list.? Because they know the importance in having a big list. They know that their list is the life blood of their internet empire. Getting traffic is one thing and obviously ...turning that traffic into a good solid loyal list of buyers is another.

As much as we hear this phrase over and over, there are very few people out there giving good clear cut, easy to understand advice on how to build that all important list. The truth is, most people don?t have an opt-in email list because they just don?t know where or HOW to start.

They hear words like ?auto-responder? (not a nickname for your spouse) and go into a panic thinking of everything involved. Things like:

? Finding a good trustworthy company to deal with this service for you.

? Working out how to create one of those ?squeeze page opt-in thingamy bobs?

? Getting traffic to your squeeze page.

? Getting your head around setting up a series of cleverly sequenced emails.

? Getting those emails opened and read.

? Writing emails that people will want to buy from.


?s be honest, don't DO THIS! Nobody guarantees you will become 'Guru' soon... Do you need long periods of hard work without earning money? Definitely, you don't need! Earn money, but don't work! How this could be possible?

Yes, it's possible, but forget about ANY of money making opportunities, like MLM, matrixes, mailing lists etc, you will have something better. Forex market (currency exchange market) involves up to 2 trillions of dollars each day. So don't try to find money in the readers pockets, find real cash on the markets!

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