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Why Does Alcohol Give Me a Headache? A Doctor’s Tips for Imbibing | HD |

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If you suffer from migraines, talk with your doctor about how alcohol may affect you. Hangover headaches are one of the most common effects of alcohol. Plenty of people experience pain and inflammation after a night of heavy drinking. Components of beer such as ethanol can lead to imbalances in our bodies, causing hangover symptoms such as headaches. Headaches cause pain in the head, face, or upper neck, and can vary in frequency and intensity.

alcohol and headaches

If a person is showing signs of confusion, slowed breathing, or an abnormally low body temperature, seek medical attention immediately. In truly excessive quantities, alcohol triggers serious debilitating effects, possibly pushing your body toward sudden death. The type of hangover you experience depends on a few factors, such as the amount you drink and how quickly you drink alcohol and headaches it. Drinking copious amounts quicker than your liver can process will almost certainly result in a hangover. Your diet also plays a role, as a full stomach can slow the absorption of alcohol. Women suffer from migraines at higher rates than men and experience the effects of alcohol more severely than men, so the combination is especially tenuous for women migraine sufferers.

Can alcohol give you a migraine attack?

Roughly 3 in 10 migraine sufferers report that alcohol is a trigger at least some of the time. Aside from contributing to the flavor of the alcohol, congeners increase the severity and frequency of hangover symptoms, including headaches. Congeners tend to aggravate brain tissue and blood vessels, which contributes to headaches. Clear liquors, like white rum, vodka, and gin, have significantly fewer congeners and may cause fewer headache symptoms. Although, as we’ll discuss below, there are other factors that can lead to headaches no matter what form of alcohol you consume. There is some evidence that vitamin B6 taken before drinking can be mildly helpful.

For people prone to migraines, even the smallest amount of alcohol can be enough to ruin a fun night out. There have been several proposed explanations for how alcohol causes headaches. The content on this website is provided for educational purposes only.

What Are the Long Term Effects of Alcohol Abuse?

Curiously, I have treated several individuals who can drink one brand of beer without developing a headache but can’t stand even a sip of any other brand. Many people can drink white wine without developing a headache but will invariably experience a severe headache when they drink red wine. You think that hangover headaches only happen to people who drink a lot over the course of several hours. However, anyone who gets a headache after drinking a small amount of alcohol knows this isn’t the case. “Alcohol consumption is one of the most common dietary triggers for migraine sufferers,” says Dr. Sara Crystal, Cove Medical Director, noting that alcohol causes two specific types of headaches.

Why do I get headaches when I drink alcohol?

Alcohol is a diuretic – it acts on your kidneys to make you pee more fluid than you're taking in. Losing fluid from your body like this can lead to dehydration, which can cause headaches. So if you're prone to migraines, you might get one if you drink to excess.

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Why Does Alcohol Give Me a Headache? A Doctor’s Tips for Imbibing |HD|

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